Ben Hermans – Pro Cyclist Israël Cycling Academy

Really appreciate the professional medical help from the medical staff of @YallaIsraelSUN and all doctors associated to @tourdownunder Great help in airport Adelaide and @SingaporeAir to make travel possible with unstable fractures 🙏🏻 Going well so far. Updates in a day or 2 ...

Thanks for all the messages 🙏🏻 On my way to Munich at the moment where I will undergo more checkups and we will make a plan how to fix the complex fracture of the shoulder. Clavicula will be stabilised as well and ribs are so smart they can heal by themselves 😃

Before & after 2nd stage of @tourdownunder Not the outcome we expected. Several complicated fractures in shoulder, a broken collarbone that needs surgery and 2 broken ribs. Hoping to have surgery pretty soon somewhere in Europe, because this is quite painfull leaving like that 🤷🏻‍♂️


We can donate to this Wildlife rescue organisation that actually save those Koalas and wildlife trapped by this disaster:

WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

Final proper workout today before tourdownunder gets underway. What else than some climbing efforts on Old Willunga Hill? #werideforaustralia @yallaACADEMY @ Old Willunga Hill

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